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A bootable USB is a USB memory stick used to carry out the ‘boot’ process or what is the same, boot the computer from the USB. Therefore, these bootable USBs are those capable of running automatically on a computer without the need for it to have a previously installed operating system.

In addition, USBs are usually more resistant, unlike disks that can be easily broken or scratched, losing, therefore, the information stored inside. In addition, USBs can be easily stored and do not take up too much space, making them an easy-to-use and convenient option.

Now that you know what a bootable USB is for and the options and solutions it can offer you, here is how you can create one and what you will need to do it. Do not panic, it is not a very complicated process and you will only have to follow, step by step, the indications that appear on the screen when you run the program or specialized application to create bootable USB drives of your choice.

Create bootable usb windows 10 cmd

In this tutorial to create bootable USB Windows 10 you will learn the procedure.  The appearance of USB storage devices was a revolution in terms of mobility and storage. Thanks to these devices among many other utilities, an outstanding one is the possibility of being able to create a medium to install your favorite operating system.

All this leads us to a conclusion, also to install Windows10 or any other operating system we will need a bootable USB capable of performing the functions that have been performing the compact discs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please use a pendrive without pictures or valuable files, the pendrive will be erased to mount the Windows 10 operating system. If you do not have another pendrive, make a copy on another PC.

Without further ado, we accept the license terms, and after a short period of checks, we will get the first window of the wizard. We will choose the second option, “Create installation media for another PC”.

Create bootable windows 10 usb from mac

Creating a system image in Windows 10 makes a complete copy of everything on your PC at that moment. Both your files and programs and Windows itself. The idea is to serve as a backup and be able to restore everything if necessary. For example in serious failures or if your hard disk crashes.

Generally it is the best option. It can be an internal hard disk, an external USB one or a disk partition. After choosing the option click on its drop-down list to select the disk (or partition) you prefer if you have more than one.IMPORTANT:

When it is finished creating enter the disk where you have chosen to save it. Inside should be the WindowsImageBackup folder. It contains the system image. Click on this link to see how to use it.