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The rates offered by Digi Mobil are prepaid, which means that it is necessary to recharge the balance to be able to surf the Internet or make any call. To complete this procedure, there is a modality, which we will explain below.

This modality is one of the most common used in several providers, it is the online form, which is one of the easiest, which can be done from anywhere, with your mobile device or computer. We will explain this procedure in more detail below.

For those people who do not have the possibility to recharge the Digi Mobil service, they can do it by going to the recharge points that have been established throughout the country, which you can check on the website. Here we will list all the available ones:

Completed the above process, you can make the recharge from your account in the customer area or even from other points of sale, for you to know which is the nearest you must click on the option that has the same name and then:

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If your intention is to contract a DIGI Mobile tariff, you should consider that the company has two options: DIGI Unlimited and DIGI Combo. Each of these tariffs offers different alternatives depending on the customer’s needs. One of the options consists of being able to choose one of the tariffs by minutes and pay only for what is consumed. Another option is to choose one of the so-called “closed” tariffs provided by DIGI, which includes a package of both minutes and megabytes, stipulating that these can last for a month.

It is important to know that DIGI Mobil’s prepaid tariffs have a billing cycle of 30 days from the time of billing. Being prepaid, the tariff will be activated when the money is available on the card. What do DIGI Mobil tariffs offer?

The DIGI Mobil Unlimited option is ideal if the customer wants to surf the web and make calls within the national territory. The main features of this service are:DIGI Unlimited also offers four types of options per month for surfing (considering that all calls are unlimited): How to activate a DIGI Mobil prepaid card?

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DIGI Mobil is one of the national telephone companies with the most competitive prices for prepaid customers. In this article we tell you all the necessary information so you can contract with them any of their rates.

A prepaid tariff is a tariff in which you pay for a service before using it. In the case of DIGI Mobil’s prepaid tariffs, you must have money loaded on your card and, each billing cycle, you will be charged a fixed amount depending on the tariff you have chosen.

DIGI Mobil specifies that the billing cycle for any prepaid rate is from the time of activation until 11:00 p.m. (in Spanish peninsular time) on the thirtieth day after activation.

In the event that there is insufficient balance to renew a cycle, you will be able to receive calls and messages, but you will not be able to call or send messages until you recharge your DIGI Mobil prepaid card.

DIGI Combo prepaid tariffs are designed for those who make calls both domestically and abroad, so that they do not have to worry about additional costs or surprises regarding the duration of their balance.

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You want to recharge your mobile in a quick and easy way and you don’t know how. With DIGI mobil you will always be connected. Here we present you step by step 3 easy ways to do it, choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can recharge through: GO recharge, online recharge and at recharge points (points of sale, ATMs, service stations, post offices, telephone booths, supermarkets, etc).

This way you can have credit on your mobile without using the internet. In addition, there are no additional charges for the use of the service. With this system you have 2 ways to recharge with DIGI mobil: