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La Sexta is one of the most watched DTT channels nowadays, being one of the most recent to join the grid (they started broadcasting in 2006). It belongs to the Atresmedia group, and as we did with the post on how to watch Antena 3 live online, today we are going to see how to watch La Sexta from our mobile or computer for free.

Since the channel is owned by the ATresMedia group, it is logical that you can access it from their official platforms on the Internet. So you can watch its programming from your computer or tablet without any problems.

From its website, you can watch La Sexta live for free, as well as other channels of the group, although you will have access to more content and features if you register as a user and pay for a Premium plan, which has a price of just 2.99 €.

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La Sexta noche is a program of political debate, current affairs and events presented by José Yélamo and Verónica Sanz. In the absence of both, Hilario Pino and Antonio Pérez Lobato are in charge of the program. It has been broadcast on La Sexta since January 26, 2013.[1] On the other hand.

On the other hand, Andrea Ropero left her work in the program in 2019.[5] Thus, from the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, Verónica Sanz took over the task that Ropero had been carrying out until then.[6] The show was again organized by La Sexta noche.

La Sexta noche once again organized the second round of “La calle pregunta” with citizens of different social status, who asked questions to the leaders of Izquierda Unida, Ciudadanos-Partido de la Ciudadanía, Podemos, PSOE and PP.[15] The second round of “La calle pregunta” was organized by La Sexta noche.

La Sexta noche organized, for the elections of June 26, 2016, “La familia pregunta”, with citizens of different social status, who were asking questions, this time, to the leaders of Ciudadanos-Partido de la Ciudadanía, Podemos and PSOE.[16]

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Current affairs and debate program of La Sexta channel where its function will be that viewers understand in one night everything that has happened in a week. It is a weekly program presented by José Yélamo and Verónica Sanz.

The mythical movie Ghost arrives in the form of a musical at the EDP Gran Vía theater in Madrid with David Bustamante as the main character. The singer has gone this Saturday, October 30, to the set of La Sexta Noche to talk about it. This fact has provoked an unexpected confession from José Yélamo.Bustamante apologizes for his controversial words about feminism: “I confused it with hembrismo”.

This Sunday, October 24, Gonzo returns to La Sexta with Salvados and a special on Afghanistan.  José Yélamo has taken advantage of the visit of the Galician journalist to the set of La Sexta Noche to ask him about his experience in Kabul.    See all

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Likewise, this Saturday’s program has another no less striking novelty: Inda and Marhuenda will be out of the set of La Sexta Noche. The journalists, controversial and conservative, have been regular contributors to this space since it started in January 2013. But the management has decided, among the novelties for this season, to rotate the talk show hosts so that they are not always the same.

“I think that people, in a week or two weeks or five minutes, will realize that the program is the same”, acknowledges Verónica Sanz, who refers to the fact that the analysis and in-depth debate will continue to be present, but with a different main conductor.