El tiempo tve a la carta

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The programs and series will be available in this web of ‘TVE a la carta’ only three hours after their broadcasting in TVE. Some contents, due to their long duration, will take a little more time, but as a general rule, they will be available to users on the same day of broadcasting on TVE.

Then, you just have to click on ‘All A-Z’ and search for the letter that starts the space. You can also find it by searching by ‘Themes’, depending on whether it is a documentary program, a series, a news program, a sports program or a children’s program.

We are working on new formats for TVE on any device, but we can’t do everything at once.    Little by little we will be launching new versions and possibilities to watch ‘TVE a la Carta’.

4:22armenia – el tiempo (official video)armeniayoutube – 5 mar 2021

A quiz show with questions and answers that test the contestants’ knowledge. Presented by Constantino Romero, it consists of more than 230 programs divided in two seasons broadcasted between 1987 and 1992. The contestant is assisted by two people who help him/her to overcome various tests. The prizes obtained are cash and if the contestant exceeds one million pesetas, he/she can compete again up to a maximum of three programs.

In the second one, the questions are grouped in six spaces: ‘Los 80’, about news that occurred in the decade; ‘Su tema’, the one chosen by the contestant; ‘Nuestros temas’, proposed by the program; ‘Dónde está’, in which the contestant must geographically locate an image; ‘De quien hablamos’, in which ten facts about a personality are provided and the contestant must say who it is; and ‘El gran minuto’, in which the program proposes a question that the contestant answers with the help of books and encyclopedias.

The weather spain

The meteorologist posted the photograph of the text in a tweet that hours later deleted leaving, yes, the rest of the thread: “#EstoyHarta de que por el hecho de salir por la tele cualquiera se sienta con el derecho de agredirme”, wrote in that first message now deleted.

The @UniBarcelona has contacted me, in addition to publishing the message. I thank them. I did not intend to personalize on you, I recognize that labeling you has been unnecessary. Even leaving the name of the letter. There was no need… https://t.co/FIniAzz6ls

That’s what I was getting at!!! This real world sucks… I don’t whine, I ask for respect… what should I do? shut up if they insult me? why should I shut up? shouldn’t they stop insulting me? #ESTOYHARTA #MuHarta https://t.co/7JhxdIs92D

Since you started to give the weather we found out better how everything happens in something so complicated but you make it easy, then the other networks followed you and copied your format. Don’t change and continue with that enthusiasm that characterizes you and makes you so charming, keep up the good work.

Rtve a la carte

As we already analyzed before the broadcast of the second season finale, last March, La Caza: Tramuntana said goodbye to La 1 with a bittersweet feeling. On the one hand, the bitter aftertaste left by its weak passage through prime time, where it signed a 7% share and 1,204,000 viewers on average. A record that although in terms of viewers was in line with other recent bets of the channel, it was not enough due to the high expectations placed on the continuation of a success like Monteperdido.

After La Caza: Monteperdido and La Caza: Tramuntana, La Caza. Guadiana will be the title of this new batch, which will once again feature Megan Montaner as Sergeant Campos, Alain Hernández as Corporal Gamero and Félix Gómez as Sergeant Selva. Agustín Martínez, creator of the series, together with José Manuel Lorenzo, is also still in charge of the script team.