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Crepes saludables con harina de avena

Los copos de avena son un desayuno casi universalmente querido. Aunque históricamente se ha disfrutado en Europa, Rusia y Estados Unidos, la harina de avena está ganando rápidamente popularidad en los países en desarrollo debido a su asequibilidad y a las propiedades saludables que se le atribuyen. Pero, ¿es la avena realmente buena para usted? Para responder a esta pregunta, primero es importante diferenciar entre los distintos tipos de avena. La hay cortada con acero y enrollada, de cocción rápida e instantánea. Pero todos estos términos se refieren a diferentes métodos de preparación de la avena descascarillada para su cocción. “No se puede comer una avena sin procesar directamente del campo”, dice Joanne Slavin, profesora de ciencias de la alimentación y nutrición de la Universidad de Minnesota. La avena cosechada está envuelta en una cáscara dura que hay que quitar antes de cocinarla y consumirla, dice Slavin. Cuando se retira la cáscara, lo que queda es el grano de la avena, es decir, todo el salvado, el endospermo y el germen, los tres componentes que constituyen un grano entero. Se puede comprar y cocinar la avena entera. Pero todos los demás tipos de avena implican algún tipo de procesamiento para facilitar la cocción.

Protein apple pie . oatmeal and egg whites

It is undoubtedly a tasty and different way to consume complex carbohydrates and to provide the energy your body needs to face the day, without forgetting that it is also a source of vegetable protein.

For all these reasons, oatmeal is an important food for athletes with a high physical wear or to provide energy to your diet to increase your performance and fat-free muscle mass.

This valuable cereal is a fundamental part of the diet of active, healthy and sporty people, providing a natural energy that is perfect to be used in breakfasts, snacks or in the preparation of ready meals.

In addition to vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fiber, oats provide a large amount of energy and are an indispensable food for runners and endurance athletes, due to their ideal macronutrient content:

Carbohydrates: Oats contain slow-absorbing and easily assimilated carbohydrates, i.e., they provide energy for a long time, avoiding glucose deficit and the onset of fatigue during workouts.

How to make oatmeal pancakes quickly (and with just 2

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Vitobest whole grain oat flour

Used in the preparation of countless healthy dishes, the versatility of rice flour makes it one of the most common ingredients of our days, mainly in baking and the preparation of breads, pastas, tempuras and healthy breading, and its 100% natural content, which keeps intact the nutritional characteristics of the cereal that gives it origin, makes it the ideal complement for people sensitive to gluten. As if that were not enough, several studies highlight the nutritional value of rice. In addition to vitamins, minerals and fiber, this grain provides up to 60% of the total protein in the diet of countries that consume it.

WHAT IS LIFE PRO TASTY RICE? It is a perfect choice for pre- and post-workout, ensuring that we have a source of energy and full glycogen stores at all times. Pregelatinized rice flour is characterized by being…

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