The good burger beyond meat

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Traditionally, we have associated this product to poor quality food, to the big fast food chains and, above all, to the hypercaloric gastronomy of the United States, but this dish arrived during the classical period to the Catalan cuisine and was consolidated in the Middle Ages under the name of ‘raola’. The current name is given by the German immigrants of the 20th century, who popularized in the ports of Europe one of the most typical dishes of their region, the Hamburg steak, which slowly became the current hamburger. With these cooking tips we invite you to make your own hamburgers with the ingredients you like the most, to break the myth that it is a dish of poor quality. Let’s get to work!

To make a good hamburger it is essential that the meat you use is of first quality; buying it from your trusted butcher is the best guarantee. The typical ones are made of veal, but even so it can give a very lean result. To avoid it, you can mix a little pork meat, which will contribute a plus of melosidad to your elaboration. However, if you are already experts in making homemade hamburgers, we invite you to try new meats such as game, like wild boar or deer, and others much more exotic, like crocodile.

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It may not be the most sophisticated movie related to the gastronomic field, but it is undoubtedly an unforgettable classic full of humor and, above all, a lot of sauce. Good Burger, known in Spanish America as Buena Hamburguesa, is a film produced by Nickelodeon Movies in 1997, the same of the youth channel that works on subscription television.

It starred Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, also popular for being the duo of the very well-remembered series Kenan and Kel. In the story, both work at a fast food joint that bears the same name as the film, and that begins to gain customers in bulk thanks to a super-secret sauce invented by Ed, the character played by Kel.

Faced with the imminent escalation of Good Burger (the restaurant), its immediate competition, Mondo Burger, tries to sabotage the success of the much-visited establishment at any cost. This is how, and with the crazy occurrences of the two friends, a super-funny story unfolds.

Although for many people the attraction is the relationship between the two protagonists, the film shows how a mid-sized junk food establishment works, and how it can make an impact with the simple invention of a flagship dish.

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Impossible burgers are cooked exactly like ground beef patties. The «meat» can be molded into patties and grilled or cooked in a skillet like a hamburger. It can also be molded into meatballs or cooked and shredded on the stove and used for chili, tacos and more. When substituting ground beef for impossible meat, simply use the same amount and cook as you would with beef. It’s easy.

The Impossible Burger looks and tastes so much like a beef burger that many diners can’t tell the difference. The plant-based substitute uses a key ingredient to replicate the distinctive flavor of red meat: a molecule called heme that is present in meat. Impossible uses fermented yeast to recreate and add this meaty molecule to its mix. Rounding out the ingredient list are soy and potato protein, coconut and sunflower oils, food starch and some natural flavorings. All of this equals the taste of ground beef-rich in iron and slightly salty with a hint of fat, no meat involved.

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Beyond Meat isn’t lab grown, it’s made entirely from plants, and it sure looks like red meat. But I’m going to be honest and admit up front that I’m biased against the idea of imitating raw ground meat, so Beyond Meat’s fresh patty didn’t appeal to me at all. In fact, full disclosure, I couldn’t taste it, that’s how visceral my reaction was. Grant tried this one for both of us.

Beyond Meat is made primarily from pea protein isolate and coconut oil. The patty mimics the bleeding of raw meat with beet juice, and is sometimes referred to as a «bleeding burger.» The package states that even when fully cooked, the inside will remain pinkish red.

Takeaway: I guess it depends on how enamored you are with red meat. I found it off-putting that Grant said it had the perfect flavor, texture and «chew» of a great burger. We couldn’t be more divided on this one, but if you’re a hardcore carnivore, definitely give this one a try.