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So, little by little, the presenter has been growing in an unstoppable career: “The first thing I did was Marca TV, and then I made the leap to do news at La Sexta. Then Mediaset hired me to do reports with athletes, getting to know the most personal side of them. From there I went to ‘Los Manolos’ and the Motorcycle World Championship, which was an unforgettable experience. And from there, to ‘Supervivientes'”.

Calleja and Lara have also talked about the sentimental situation of the presenter, who has made it clear that she is single: “Right now my life is very complete, very full, but I do not renounce to real love”. She also stated that “I want to be a mother without a doubt…. I need to find a person who, no matter what happens in the relationship, can be a good father. I consider that it is not possible to be non-conformist in this aspect. If I am never satisfied with the banal, imagine what is important. I suffer a lot…”.

Lara also talked about one of her fears, fish, a “phobia” that she has faced with Calleja: “I’m afraid of fish, and you bring me to see one of the biggest in the world”, said the guest about swimming among whale sharks. However, she thought the experience was fantastic: “What a barbarity, what a blast. What I just went through here is something I don’t understand. It’s historic,” said Lara.

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The format team went to Baja California to turn Lara Álvarez into a professional rally co-driver who took on the Baja 1000, an off-road car race or rally held in the desert of the Baja California peninsula (Mexico). The longest offroad race in the world… And they get a podium!

Few words have been dedicated to the border but Lara Alvarez did not want to leave the venue without talking about Donald Trump and his wall proposal. “I’m not very informed but it will never enter my head” said the Asturian indignant with the president of the United States.

In the same way, the young presenter has also spoken to the presenter of the Cuatro format about motherhood. “I want to be a mother without a doubt… I need to find a person who, whatever happens in the relationship, can be a good father. I consider that one cannot be a non-conformist in this aspect. If in the banal I am never satisfied, imagine in the important. I don’t want to lie, I suffer a lot…” said Lara.

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The adventurer and the Supervivientes presenter, who made very good friends in Planeta Calleja -where Lara participated in a rally-, appear totally relaxed, lying on their backs and hugging as if they were a couple in love.

“So what are we going to do this summer?” she asks. “As I said, diving, Bali, although, hey, your father took what we told him a bit strangely, didn’t he?”, he answers. “It was a surprise, imagine that,” she said to which he exclaimed, “what a character!”.

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1,800 kilometers, among other challenges. Swimming among sharks, competing eating spicy food or riding a horse in Tijuana, have been some of the challenges that the ‘Supervivientes’ presenter has had to overcome in her new role in ‘Planeta Calleja’.

“More than demanding, I am a nonconformist. There are issues in life that conforming is a mistake (…) My life now is very complete. I do not close myself to real love. I renounce to conformism”, she assured in the program.

“Second parts are not good. I usually get 100% involved, try to make it work at 300% and, when I see that you don’t find a solution to solve the problem, you decide to break up. If you don’t find a solution then, you don’t do it later.

“frustrated singer”. Something about which she confessed that she is “aware of the limitations of each one of us. I love to sing, but only in private. If I could have chosen something, it would have been to be a singer”.

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