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Today’s tourists are looking for experiences during their vacations. Gastronomy, adventure tourism, wine tourism or activities related to wellness are some of the most interesting bets. We have innovated in the creation of tourism products that are different and encourage tourists to choose Aragon. One example is the “slowdri ving”, 16 routes through Aragon that run along secondary roads to enjoy the scenery and discover new places outside the more conventional routes. A product that is arousing great interest in the European market.

We are committed to family tourism. We have promoted an APP that provides proposals, activities or accommodation, designed for the specific needs of families. Outside the summer period, Aragon is already one of the main destinations for family tourism.

The unique nature and adventure activities that can be practiced there make Aragon a very attractive destination. Added to this is the rich architectural heritage and the efforts of many municipalities to become charming towns. On this basis, the tourism sector is making a major effort to offer experiential activities to complete the offer.

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Bellestar (Villastar in Spanish) is a municipality in the province of Teruel, located in the region of the Comunidat de Teruel. It has a population of 494 inhabitants (2018), in an area of 38.9 km² with a population density of 8.71 inhabitants/km².

At the top of a hill, south of the end, there is a pre-Roman settlement. A little further to the south of this village there is another hill, called Penyalba with a solar pagan sanctuary, the sanctuary of Penyalba de Bellestar.

Bellestar was part of the Templar Command of Villel, which with the dissolution of the order at the beginning of the 14th century, became part of the Castellania d’Amposta of the Order of the Hespital. There are two Templar texts related to the first settlers.

the alqueria nostra of Villestar that is near the flum of the Guadalaviar, that is of the castle of Villel, with all the inheritances ours of the dito place belonging yermas and populated as well entegrament as there we have them and posedim, and the pieça of the Narrow one of Villel that part I finish the dita alqueria with the heredat of don Domingo Lorent and with Villespesa’s term.

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I have always considered her a strong woman, like that group of women who since the Old Testament began to imprint character to those close to them. The strong women of the Bible said, and undoubtedly Marisa would have belonged to that battle-hardened battalion. I had the joy of enjoying her since my earliest childhood, and I think it is the greatest thing that has happened to me in this half century that I am about to finish.

After the implosion of the Valencianist formation, María Luisa Torner Ferrer was called by Leopoldo Pons first, and by Juan Manuel Pérez Mira later to be part of successive Boards of Government of the College of Economists of Valencia, as well as a member of the birth of the Council of Economists of the Valencian Community. In this civic facet, she has also been an active member of the Real Sociedad Valenciana de Agricultura for more than a quarter of a century, thanks to the wisdom of Francisco Llovera, who was president at the time.

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With less fortune, Rancho Los Cruz de Puebla, a team that came close with 294.33 units; Real de La Soledad de Oaxaca, whose final score was 258.66 points; Amazonas del Humaya with 249.66 points, Rancho Las Amazonas de Hidalgo with 201. 00 average, while at the close of this edition the qualification of the skirmish Mexiquense, national champion 2019 was pending a rebuttal process, according to the guidelines of the Mexican Federation of Charreria.

In the men’s division, Cuenca del Papaloapan of Oaxaca, 2018 national monarch in Zacatecas, seeks to regain the crown by winning the third act of the quadruple Sunday billboard before an impressive entry in the Arena San Marcos in the hydrocalida capital, to the tune of 315 points, while Sandy Valley Ranch “Oro” of Nevada beat Tequila Don Felix of Jalisco by two points by 256-254 units.

Earlier in the day, La Colonial de Jerez, surrounded by its fans, won its commitment with 238 points, by 188 of Rancho El Picacho from Aguascalientes and 192 of Rancho San José QH from Texas; and in the morning, close victory of Rancho La Mina de Tabasco with 237 to 235 of Valle de Matatipac from Nayarit, and 169 of the historic association of New Mexico, Emiliano Zapata “Verde”, figures that do not allow them to aspire to a place in the quarterfinals.