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Assessment of respiratory function 19 Assessment of circulatory function 41 Assessment of renal function 83 Assessment of endocrine function 107 Assessment of hematologic functions 129 Assessment of digestive function 153 Assessment and initial attitude towards the patient 175 ChapterS Assessment of the patient with intoxication 187 Nursing action in emergencies 293 Nursing action in pediatric emergencies 301 Social problems in the emergency department 311 Wounds and sutures 325 Disaster health care system 353 Health emergencies 361 Territorial and special emergency plans 377 Disaster communication and command coordination 387

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In the meeting, which has had a cordial tone and mutual collaboration at all times, patients have raised to the counselor the need to have an official participation in the National Health System, modifying the current regulations, extending to all administrative levels (state, autonomous and local), which contemplates their voice and vote in decision making, to contribute to optimize resources, reduce waiting lists and achieve a System adapted to the needs of people with chronic diseases, with an increasingly personalized medicine.

It is also necessary to guarantee the right of all patients to be attended under equal conditions in any territory, avoiding delays and bureaucratic obstacles in the attention in case of referrals or displacements; as well as the dispensation of medicines throughout the national territory without distinguishing the autonomous community of origin.

Del Busto, for his part, considers that “there is an urgent need for an action plan within the National Health System, drawn up with the consensus of scientific societies, patient organizations and autonomous communities, to ensure prevention, early detection and the most effective treatment on equal terms for all citizens regardless of their place of residence. It would also be advisable to create an economic item within the health cohesion fund to guarantee the financing of innovative treatments. This consensus must be reinforced by the promotion of a European strategy to ensure that the prices of new therapies do not jeopardize the sustainability of healthcare systems”.

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Announcement of the Hospital Valle del Nalón, Health Area VIII, calling for bids, through framework agreement and open procedure, for the contracting of the supply of the material and equipment necessary to carry out dialysis sessions in Health Area VIII.

Technical documentation (envelope no. 2) on March 24, 2014, at 9:30 a.m., on first call, and at 10:00 a.m., on second call, provided that no documentation needs to be corrected. In the event of a correction, the opening will take place on March 28, 2014 at the same time. The bidders will be notified of the opening of the technical and economic documentation (envelope no. 3).

Inauguration of the conference

Among other issues, the new Health Law of Asturias, which has been approved by the General Assembly, proposes the use of all the resources that can have an impact on the state of health of the population.

The Minister of Health of Asturias, Francisco del Busto, has advanced to the members of the Parliament of the Principality the general lines of the Health Bill, which is being processed in the General Assembly and could be presented this week.

The Councilors of Galicia and Madrid, as well as that of Castilla y León at the beginning of the Interterritorial meeting, have called for a review of the current model of territorial financing. The Socialist ministers seem to opt for the recovery of the Cohesion Fund and the FOGA.

The Ministry of Health of Asturias has announced that it will strengthen the role of pharmacists within multidisciplinary teams, in consultation with physicians, in order to improve health outcomes.

The Government of Asturias has announced the incorporation, as of December, to the interoperable ‘e-recipe’, which will allow its citizens to pick up their prescription drugs in the Autonomous Regions that are already part of the project.