Curriculum de juanma moreno


Pedro Sánchez highlighted, before the III Forum of Local Governments held in Seville, the potential of Andalusia as an engine for economic reactivation, a common argument in the discourse of the Andalusian Government but less frequent from the hand of socialist politicians.

Before leaders of more than 200 administrations, the President of the Government did not limit himself to using the rhetorical resource of winning over the audience by giving the host’s ear, but personalized the praise by directly questioning Moreno and seeking his complicity: «Dear President, I already told you when I had the opportunity to receive you at the Moncloa Palace. Andalusia has all the possibilities to lead the change of the productive model in the country as a whole. I believe that you have everything that is needed for Andalusia to lead the change of the productive model in the country. And the Government will not fail. It is going to be with the cities, with the Junta de Andalucía, and also with the businessmen and trade unionists».

Andalusia politics

Three months after his birth in Barcelona, his family returned with him to the province of Malaga, specifically to the capital, to the area of the old Cártama road, where he studied the EGB in the Giner de los Ríos school.[13][14][15] The maternal family branch, with a socialist ideology as mentioned above, also had its political representation in Cristóbal Bonilla, who became the spokesman of the town council of Alhaurín El Alhaurín.

The maternal family branch, of socialist ideology as discussed above, also had its political representation in Cristóbal Bonilla, becoming this spokesman for the city council of Alhaurín El Grande, a municipality in the province of Málaga, which was acquitted in 2011 for an alleged urban planning crime.[18]

He was a national deputy in Congress during the VII (for Cantabria), VIII, IX and X legislatures, serving as Deputy spokesman of the Popular Group in the Committee on Science and Technology and Secretary in the Committee on Social Affairs.

Andalusian parliament

The Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality and next president of the Andalusian PP, Juan Manuel Moreno, has attributed the differences between different versions of his curriculum to the fact that until now he had not written it personally and has recognized that this could have been a «mistake».

In statements to La Sexta he explained that until now he was in a «second level, more discreet», and that when his candidacy became known, they began to collect resumes from different places, such as the PP of Malaga, Andalusia or even interviews.

On the other hand, he has advanced that he expects to leave his position in the Government in the Council of Ministers on February 28, the eve of the Congress of the Andalusian PP in which he will foreseeably be elected president of the formation. To do this this afternoon he will speak with the Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Ana Mato.

Moreno has called for a «rigorous» reflection and «without demagogy» on immigration policy, with the participation and collaboration of European institutions, since the border of Ceuta is its external border. The European Commission, he said, «should stop giving so much advice and put more money into this matter».


For Benjamin Button, the imaginary character that Scott Fitzgerald devised and that David Fincher took to the big screen, life went in reverse. Something similar to what happens to the curriculum vitae of the future president of the Andalusian PP, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, in the light of the different biographies that he has been presenting in the Lower House in the different legislatures in which he has held the position of deputy, for the districts of Cantabria (2000-2004) and Malaga (2004-2008 and 2008-2011).

However, in the case of Moreno Bonilla these official biographies do not play good tricks on him because, although the usual thing in a curriculum is that merits increase, in the case of the candidate, in the style of Benjamin Button, it does not seem to happen that way.

The second, the Golden Master of the Royal Forum of Senior Management, is not so much a master’s degree (understood as higher education) as a prize awarded by the association of the same name, the Royal Forum of Senior Management. This association defines itself as «a group of businessmen, professors and liberal professionals like other European associations, which projects a presence in society to enrich civic life, the cultural sphere, the fullness of democracy and free enterprise». Therefore, the next update of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla’s merits should include the distinction of the same in order to avoid misunderstandings.