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She is Paco’s sister. She is a lesbian and maintains a relationship with Silvia. Montoya and Curtis are attracted to her. Before coming to San Antonio she worked as an agent in Seville, but ended up living in San Antonio since she coincided with her brother Paco in the investigations to Julio Olmedo and proposed to him and most importantly reunited with Silvia, her great love since adolescence and in which both starred in a “scandal” in Sarita’s communion by kissing in front of everyone, D. Lorenzo, her boss and future father-in-law does not swallow her for what happened and for her sexual condition, what D. Lorenzo did not know is that Silvia could never forget the kiss that Pepa gave her, he will do everything possible to make Silvia see that Pepa is just a whim, but all his efforts to try to separate them will be in vain because both Pepa and Silvia are madly in love with each other.

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Los hombres de Paco (inglés: Paco’s Men) es una serie de televisión española que se emitió originalmente del 9 de octubre de 2005 al 19 de mayo de 2010 en Antena 3. Creada por Daniel Écija y Álex Pina, está protagonizada por numerosos actores; principalmente Paco Tous y Pepón Nieto. La ficción se centraba principalmente en un grupo de agentes de policía torpes pero de buen corazón.

La ficción se centraba en un grupo de policías de San Antonio, un barrio ficticio de Madrid, siguiendo en un principio a un trío de agentes de policía torpes pero de buen corazón: Paco, Mariano y Lucas,[2] dirigidos por Don Lorenzo Castro Riquelme. La historia de amor “prohibida” entre Lucas y Sara (la hija de Paco) fue otro de los ejes argumentales de la serie,[3] que luego se convirtió en un triángulo amoroso con la incorporación de Aitor[4].

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Paco Miranda and Mariano Moreno are back, but time passes for everyone and Los Hombres de Paco is also updated, although from the first episode the identity of the mythical series of Antena 3 is recognized. With the premiere of the first episode in prime time on Antena 3, the new season arrives as a tribute to the fans, but with the aim of conquering and enduring.

So far, we have been able to see the first episode of the sixteen that make up the season, which will be broadcast in two parts of eight chapters. After the premiere of the first one on Antena 3, the rest will premiere every Sunday on ATRESplayer PREMIUM before the complete series arrives on the channel.

Alongside them we find Ika, played by Amaia Sagasti, who, as family ties could not be missing, is Paco’s niece. She is impulsive, resolute, determined and in her we find many similarities with Hugo Silva’s character, Lucas, in the first episodes of the original series. She is the third in discord, the one who mediates between Paco and Mariano -who are still not clear who is the bad cop and who is the good cop-, she helps them with the technology and also helps them to put their feet on the ground.

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Sensitive, educated and open man. He is from Cadiz, and lives with all the important women in his life: his mother (during the first 8 chapters), his wife, his daughter and his sister. He is transferred along with Lucas and Mariano to the San Antonio police station after making a big fuss in his former occupation. Paco is the chief inspector of the group, and the lack of professionalism of his men makes him spend more time hiding screw-ups than solving cases. Sometimes he loses his temper, but nothing evil can be found in him. He stands out for his innocence. His daughter will be what he loves the most, and what he will protect the most. In addition, her relationship with Lucas will cause headaches for Paco.

In the third season he has problems with Lucas, since he thinks that Paco was the culprit of his father’s murder. In the end Lucas discovers that his father is still alive, so he gets closer to Paco, which upsets Sara.

In the fifth season Paco suffers anxiety crises, provoked by the kidnapping of the police station, and goes to the psychiatrist Felix Montejo, who had previously given him his card. He manages to overcome his crisis, accepts Sara’s relationship and fixes the mistakes he made with Lola. He was commissioner during a period of rest for Don Lorenzo, since Gonzalo Montoya had returned to alcohol, and had even attempted suicide.