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Halcón Viajes in Zaragoza, one of the agencies of Mundo Senior, has lived these months with uncertainty, between the paralysis of the Imserso, its various delays and the unblocking of the situation from this private company. Initially, they had planned to start the senior travel season in the second half of October, after the Pilar long weekend. However, as it was announced a few days ago, it has not been possible, which has caused a deadlock for the interested tour operators, such as Traveltino and Halcón Viajes itself.

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Although both programs are very similar, Mundosenior has also differentiated itself by including in its program trips of up to 15 days in duration, after the Imserso decided to eliminate this modality from the 2021/2022 season.

The decision to eliminate this option from the Imserso tourism program was taken by the agency itself after verifying the results of the quality and satisfaction surveys that are carried out “to know the opinion on the development of the program and to be able to follow up”. As a consequence of having removed these places from the 15-day trips, they indicated that the eight and ten-day trips had increased.

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Different agents of the sector discard that the trips subsidized by the State can start before November after months of administrative delays. Once the lots are awarded to the tour operators that have submitted bids, they will have to be sold by the agencies and a period of challenges will be opened.

Apart from that, tours of between 5 and 7 days in Europe (Italy, France, Croatia, Poland, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria or the United Kingdom) can be booked from 700 euros. All have transport, full board and guide included in the price.

At the moment, they are going to launch 1,500 places with five-day trips to Benidorm for 150 euros. In any case, this is an initiative that will decline as soon as the Imserso awards the contracts. “We are going to continue working so that people do not have to go to the beach with their coats on,” says its president, Marcelo Cornellá.

The travel agencies are still waiting for the recovery of the activity, although the sale of packages of the Imserso traditionally serves to save a time where the activity traditionally lowers.


The next has been Club de Vacaciones, the tour operator of Viajes El Corte Inglés, which has been forced to offer travel alternatives to older travelers due to the delay of the Imserso, betting on its ‘Social Tourism’ programming and its catalog ‘ECO Vacations’ for “very competitive” prices and offers “a wide variety of travel options”.

In a statement, the tour operator has stressed that its level of specialization allows them to offer “a wide range of trips to suit any need or preference, both in cost and type of travel”.

Those selected will bid for the Imserso trips worth 66.7 million euros, of which 32 million correspond to lot 1 (peninsular coastal areas); 24 million to lot 2 (island coastal areas) and 10.6 million to lot 3 (inland tourism and European origin).

It is clear that the tourism sector is waiting with open arms for the arrival of retirees. We are talking about the program for the 2021-2022 season, which calls for 816,029 vacancies, affects hotel establishments, and is estimated to maintain some 12,000 direct jobs and 85,000 indirect jobs.