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If you need to go to an Attention and Information Center of the National Institute of Social Security (CAISS) to process any of the pensions or benefits of the System (retirement, disability, widowhood, Minimum Vital Income or birth and care of a child, among others) it is essential to go by appointment.

As we have said, this service is available both on the web and at the Social Security Electronic Headquarters by clicking on this link, where you can choose between appointments for pensions and other INSS benefits or procedures with the Social Marine Institute. In addition, you can consult or cancel the appointment and access the online platform for procedures without an electronic certificate, enabled by the INSS.

Next, you must choose whether you want the first available appointment in an office in the zip code you select, the first available appointment in your province or if you prefer to choose the center, day and time of the appointment yourself. As a verification system, we will have to answer a simple security question. labor life

The purpose of the suggestions and complaints forms is to collect the initiatives submitted for quality improvement and, also, citizens’ expressions of dissatisfaction with the services provided by the Social Security Administration.

The basic regulations governing complaints and suggestions forms are contained in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and in Organic Law 3/2018 of December 5 on Personal Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights).

On this page, citizens are provided with the electronic form for the submission of suggestions and complaints. For its use, it is necessary to have an Electronic ID or other recognized digital certificate (natural person/legal person or entity) included in the list of admitted certificates, as well as to comply with the rest of the technical requirements and to have the browser configured for the use of electronic signature functionalities.

In addition, in the event that this certificate has not been obtained in a Social Security office, the identification data of the digital certificate (natural person/legal person or entity) must coincide with those appearing in the Social Security database.

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Last March 6, Order ESS/204/2018 was published in the Official State Gazette, which regulates the system of electronic remission of data in the field of Social Security, which has already been used for some time in the General Social Security Regime.

With the entry into force of said order, the sending of communications to the Social Security, via RED system, (telematic) is extended on a mandatory basis to self-employed workers or Self-Employed.

The TGSS will send an e-mail notifying that a telematic notification has been sent to the SEDESS to the address provided by the self-employed worker. It can be communicated through the SEDESS telephone and e-mail communication service. vida laboral por sms

Importass, new portal to carry out procedures with the Social Security Treasury 2021/04/29The Social Security Treasury has launched a new website to carry out online procedures. It is a tool where you can find information and from which you can access the different procedures in a simpler way. Here we are going to explain what kind of procedures we can carry out and what forms of identification to to enter the Importass portal.the easiest way, of course, is to do it directly at the address. This is the address: However, you will also find direct entries from the Social Security website ( or from the Electronic Headquarters (

6. Documents: here you can consult the procedures you have been carrying out with the Social Security Treasury and download the documents, if necessary. 7. Entrance to all the procedures that can be carried out from the Importass portal. We leave here an explanatory video of the Social Security about the Importass personal area: