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From its beginnings, the Diario has been fully involved in the life of the city to the point that “what does not appear in the Diario is that it has not happened”. It supports projects of cultural and urban development, promotes the creation of the Press Association, the celebration of the first centenary of the Constitution of 1812, and collections for the restoration of the Cathedral, among other actions, following very attentively the arrival of new technical advances, such as radiotelephony, which it soon uses to improve the services to its readers.

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The subscriber card is free of charge. In order to have it, it is only necessary to be a subscriber of Diario de Cádiz. Each card contains the name of the subscriber and his subscriber code.

The subscriber card is free of charge. In order to have the card it is only necessary to be a subscriber of Diario de Cádiz. Each card contains the name of the subscriber and the subscriber code.

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The mayor of Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Mamen Sánchez, together with the deputy mayor of Urbanism, José Antonio Díaz, and the delegate of Security, Rubén Pérez Carvajal, has visited the works of completion of the new headquarters of the Local Police Headquarters, located in La Asunción next to the National Police Station, which were awarded for an amount of 774,712 euros and will be completed in the summer of 2022.

The Councilor for Employment, Training and Self-Employment, Rocío Blanco, has indicated Thursday that the Andalusian Government is working for employers and unions to sit down again at a new meeting for the resolution of the labor conflict of the metal in Cadiz, and has considered that the parties “are doomed to understand each other for the good of all” and the sector.

The group of Citizens (Cs) in the City Council of Cadiz has submitted a motion for debate at the next municipal plenary session, which urges the government team to take urgent measures to comply with the plenary agreements.

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It gathers the testimony of the local and national press from 1744 to 1990 with titles and collections that are difficult to find in other reading centers. They must be consulted in the reading room and are subject to the established reprographic rules, being exempt from photomechanical reproduction all bound newspapers, allowing, however, digital reproduction.

The collection is made up of 169 headers, highlighting collections from the 19th century, of a political nature such as El Conciso, El Comercio, El Nacional, El Tribuno, El Procurador General or Diario de Sesiones de las Cortes. Of a literary, cultural and traditional nature, such as El Globo, El Tiempo, La Moda, La Verdad, Diario Mercantil or La Aureola. Also of note is the collection of Guides to Cadiz and its province, known as the Rosetty Guides, which cover practically the entire 19th century.