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More than thirty professors-researchers and Master students from the Catholic University of Avila (UCAV) and the University of Coimbra (Portugal) have participated online and in person in the First Seminar on Chemistry of Aqueous Solutions organized by the Vice-Rectorate for Research and the Faculty of Sciences and Arts of the UCAV.

The Catholic University of Avila (UCAV) will give the webinar ‘Financial Digitalization and Cryptocurrencies’ this Friday, November 19, from 17.00 to 20.00 hours training on financial digitalization and cryptocurrencies.

The president of ATA Castilla y León, Domiciano Curiel, has asked the administrations for sensitivity towards the self-employed and warned of the “exodus” to other communities that “make it easier”.

The role of women in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has put the finishing touch to the Castilla y León Science Week at the Catholic University of Avila (UCAV).

The Water Experts Committee created in the City Council of Avila to determine the needs of the city to ensure water supply has highlighted the need to use the water resources of the Adaja river, as well as to improve the pumping system of the Fuentes Claras reservoir, one of the three from which the city drinks.

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Students will be able to take the ‘selectividad’ with a failed grade and there will be no recovery exams in ESO after the approval of this measure of the Government. They will pass the course by the decision of the teachers.

With a journey through the history of musicals, the concert will begin with The Great Showman, to go back in time to themes from Walt Disney films (The Lion King) and the golden age of musicals.

The spokeswoman of the PP in the Commission of Demographic Challenge of the Congress, Carmen Navarro affirms that “one of the most important problems affecting Castilla y León has been the inclusion of the wolf in the list of protected species”.

These works will improve the mobility of people and goods, reducing the consumption of fossil energies and the emission of carbon dioxide, as well as the costs of the farms located in them.

He has made motorcycling a global sport and leaves a legacy that will last: he was the greatest, together with Agostini and Nieto, and now many of his pupils are ready to dominate the world championship.

The country

The collective brand of the Provincial Council, Ávila Auténtica, begins a new promotion in the commercial space located in the municipal market of Chamartín, in Madrid. Every Thursday, and until December 16, a company adhered to the brand will personally explain to the market’s customers the identity of their own company and the elaboration model of their products.

The president of the DIPUTACIÓN DE ÁVILA, Carlos García, has valued “very positively” the announcement of the Junta de Castilla y León to lower hunting and fishing licenses by 95%, so that the fees will be set in 2022 at two and one euro, respectively.

After the tenth participation of Ávila Auténtica in the Salón Gourmets, both the Provincial Council and the 19 exhibitors who have been part of the stand of the collective brand have transmitted very positive feelings, since the participating companies from Avila have managed to establish numerous business contacts with distributors, stores, restaurants and supermarkets.

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In mid-2012, with the launch of Tribuna de Ávila, a proprietary content management system or CMS was implemented, with the intention of allowing the project to grow by itself, without technological limits. In February 2013 the process of ‘regionalization’ of the project began with the opening of Tribuna de Valladolid, and in a few months the rest of the headers will be launched until reaching the 9 provinces of the community.

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