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Pegasus Capital se centra en inversiones de capital a largo plazo en empresas operativas y proyectos inmobiliarios en Argentina y otras empresas de América Latina. Las actividades de inversión de la firma se centran en tres áreas: capital riesgo, capital privado e inmobiliario. Su estrategia de capital riesgo busca invertir en conceptos innovadores y disruptivos que trasciendan los ciclos económicos mediante la introducción de nuevas tecnologías o cambios de paradigma.Las inversiones de capital privado de Pegasus Capital se centran en los siguientes sectores: comercio minorista, finanzas de consumo y servicios. La empresa también puede considerar oportunidades en otros sectores. Pegasus Capital realiza inversiones de control o de control compartido, centrándose en oportunidades que incluyen consolidaciones, crecimiento y expansión regional y situaciones de cambio o de dificultad que requieren capital para la reestructuración.Las inversiones inmobiliarias de Pegasus Capital se centran en los segmentos de oficinas, comercio minorista, residencial, industrial y hostelería. La empresa busca invertir en el desarrollo de nuevos activos y en la adquisición de propiedades existentes. El Fondo Inmobiliario Pegasus desarrolla y adquiere activos de oficinas, comerciales, residenciales, industriales y de hostelería en Argentina. El Fondo busca crear tanto la apreciación del capital como los rendimientos en efectivo, utilizando estructuras de capital conservadoras.

mario quintana: “i am going to sell my stake in farmacity”.

A prosecutor today charged Deputy Chief of Staff Mario Quintana to be investigated for several corruption offenses, due to capital conflict, after it was disclosed that his percentage of shares in Farmacity represents 5% of the votes which allows him to control the chain of those pharmacies.

The accusation was made by the prosecutor Ramiro González in a complaint filed by Judge Ariel Lijo. “Mario Quintana, Secretary of Interministerial Coordination, former Deputy Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, is prima facie accused of the facts denounced. This, without prejudice that during the progress of the investigation, other perpetrators of the crime may be identified,” the indictment reads as follows.

mario quintana

The prosecutor wants to know if some of the companies in which Quintana has shares are suppliers of the national government. For this purpose, he requested the Ministry of Modernization to inform the court. Something similar was requested from PAMI: it must provide information to the court on the contracting of medicine suppliers. If Farmacity is among the contracted companies, the file must be sent to the court.

Regarding the lawsuit that Farmacity took to the Supreme Court of Justice to be able to enter the Province of Buenos Aires, Gonzalez wants information on how the file circulated and on what dates important decisions were made. And that the Chief of Cabinet of the government of María Eugenia Vidal sends the file by which Farmacity was authorized to operate in the province.

argentina and vulture funds to resume negotiations in january

An in-depth talk with the former Deputy Chief of Staff of Mauricio Macri’s government and creator of the Farmacity chain to delve into his reflections on the meaning of life and the need we human beings have to transform ourselves and leave our mark on the world.

-I am going to quote Jung (Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist). One does not live one’s biography. One lives one’s own myth. In that myth, that ideal Mario who wanted to change the world, suddenly became a family man, without warning. And he had to go out to support the family, to work. So I said: “Well, now, brother, let’s face it. To raise money, social security, to have a child”.

-In life, you tie knots as you can and, as if you were looking at a tapestry upside down, you don’t understand them. Until you reach those peak moments when life shows you that tapestry turned upside down and you see that everything made sense and that there is a mysterious beauty that was woven. Those processes have moments of gift where little windows open and you see the light, and then you know that the light is there. There is a change. I believe in the transformation of consciousness, I believe that is where we come from. One gains, capturing the logic of one’s own life. And gratitude arises as a response because you say: “Yes, everything made sense”.