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That is why I greatly appreciate the effort made by Marta Sarrión Lana and the dedication she has put into being the first person to translate one of her novels into Spanish. In this case it is The Girl in the Mirror, a novel of intrigue and suspense that is really worth discovering.

For his part, Laurie thinks he is tired of being tied to his sister. Of course, he loves her, but he cannot always remain under her reins. This time he should take the opportunity to start living his own life, a life in which vices like drinking and gambling no longer have a place.

As I said before, I greatly appreciate the effort of Marta Sarrión Lana to have dared to translate this novel into Spanish for the first time, because thanks to her I have met a very interesting author. In addition, this edition has the four original illustrations that appear in the first edition published in 1919. A great success.

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162.3 *130.2 cm[edit data on Wikidata]The Girl in front of a Mirror is a painting created by Pablo Picasso that was created in March 1932.[1][2]Considered to be as one of his masterpieces , the painting has been widely known for its varied interpretations of the lover and the beloved.[3] The painting is of a woman looking into a mirror and the image that forms the basis of the interpretation is different.[4] The painting is of a woman looking into a mirror and the image that forms the basis of the interpretation is different .

The painting is of a woman looking into a mirror and the image that forms the basis of the interpretation is different . The woman in the painting is shown as a beautiful one with smooth skin and large eyes. The colors were used to intensify

The point of how Picasso shows his beloved represents the understanding of an interpretation where her beauty is the subject. The yellow side of her face represents her happy time with Picasso. The bright colors represent the time when they are together. This side of her face shows her youth through full makeup. This woman was painted with colors that intensify her beauty.

The reflection represents the other interpretation of how she sees herself. The colors used here are dark and make her look very old. Instead of happiness , the meaning here is more of hatred and unhappiness , fear and as if old age is coming to her indicative of her fear of losing her youth.

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“La Chica Del Espejo’ is one of the songs that we had the hardest time composing, because we felt it was very important to get the tone right. We have listened a lot, to the patients and the people around them… and we have borrowed their words… that is why we believe that, in reality, it is a song written by many people, because it gathers everything that they have transmitted to us.  We were lucky enough to be able to visit the AECC and get to know their work up close, and we were able to see how important this initiative is to help patients.”

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