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No matter how much you were afraid, you doubted yourself, you tried to give up, look where you are today! Look where you came from! God didn’t abandon you, you didn’t lose faith and you conquered what you wanted! Congratulations on your new home.

You have worked hard for the things that matter most to you, your family and God has always stood by your side and given you the strength to accomplish the things that matter to you…. Congratulations on your new home.

Life is full of firsts, new clothes, new shoes and even a new car, all fill you with satisfaction, but a new home belongs to a higher level of emotion that enriches your spirit of accomplishment. Congratulations on your achievement!

god bless your new home

There are still many traces of the recent move (empty boxes, things out of place, lost things…), the initial chaos is giving way little by little, things are starting to find their place… and so are we.

This moving is not a new experience, the truth is that I have already done it many times; but this time, it is different, it will be our home for a long time. That single detail is enough to awaken many emotions inside.

The feelings from the beginning of the move to the end were varied: the anxiety to live in a new place; the urgency to store and prepare our things; the quick way to say goodbye to the house we are leaving; the meanwhile in which the change is happening and in which we are distributed in two places at the same time; the concrete moment in which we say again “we are at home” and we stop saying the new house or the old house.

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:: “At first you may find it hard to adapt but soon you will meet new friends and you will have a great time, I wish you the best of luck now that you are going to start a new life away from those who love you.”

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When we feel that we have touched deep, that we have become someone we do not recognize, or simply when events break all our schemes, we have no choice but to start from scratch. In Frases de la Vida we know well all the feelings that arise in times like these, and that is why today we want to share with you a collection of New Life Phrases that will help you to take perspective and not let yourself be defeated so easily.

Changes, of course, can scare us. It is more complicated than we think to get out of our comfort zone and face situations in which we never thought we would be involved. If you find yourself in this arduous process, in a period in which you must work on your inner strength, you have come to the right place. Do not lose detail of the phrases of new life that we bring you next.

20. How many times in life I have been surprised how, among the multitudes of people that exist in the world, we cross paths with those who, in some way, possessed the tablets of our destiny, as if we had belonged to the chapters of the same book!  – Ernesto Sabato